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January 20, 2019

2018 Key Stage 4 Humber Regional Achievement Maps

Each year Ecarda publishes achievement maps of schools and local authorities in the wider Humber sub-region

At the end of each academic year, for the past eleven years, ECARDA has used the published national datasets to produce pictures of school achievement. The attached selection shows the achievement of schools in Lincolnshire and the Humber sub-region, including Doncaster, at the end of Key Stage 4. On one set of graphs, the horizontal axis refers to “attainment” and, since 2016, uses the published attainment 8 measure. On the other set, the horizontal axis refers to KS4 FSM. The vertical axis refers to “progress” and, since 2016, uses the published progress 8 measure. For 2018, we have used the adjusted progress 8 measure, which mitigates extreme effects. The labels in each of the chart quadrants are no more than indicators: Higher-than-average attainment with higher-than-average progress is indicated as accomplishing; Lower-than-average-attainment with higher-than-average progress is indicated as striving; Lower-than-average-progress with higher-than-average attainment is indicated as cruising; Lower-than-average attainment with lower-than-average progress is indicated as struggling. Those clustered around the intersection of the axes may be described as “in line with national averages”. Discounting those clustered around the centre/average, the proportion of schools or pupils which fall into each of these categories makes for an interesting comparison across local authority areas. See the ECARDA website for a presentation of this type of analysis in 2016. The final three pictures show the achievement landscape of all local authorities across the country with differing labelling to highlight differing characteristics. If any reader would like a bespoke local authority area achievement landscape picture then get in touch.

Download the 2018 KS4 regional achievement maps

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