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Data Analysis

A prompt and high quality service, providing you with useful and understandable reports on your end-of-key-stage results, in-year tracking data, performance tables, School Performance Summaries, DfE Statistical First Releases and other purchased data sets.  Moreover, we can provide you with templates that, once loaded with your own data, anticipate and go beyond the analyses produced by other nationally provided reports.

What this service includes:

From the first notification of your results through to the publication of national data and school-level school performance summary reports, settings, schools and colleges receive a stream of data.  ECARDA can interpret and summarise these data-flows and provide you with reports that assist your management and decision-making.
Work will be undertaken throughout the year in line with the publication of data.

The following services are available for the school to utilise within the purchased hours.

  • Analysis of end of key stage assessments, national tests and examination results;
  • Comparisons with local and national data;
  • Synthesis of attainment and progress data;
  • Identification of trends;
  • Identification of any underperforming groups (by ability, gender, ethnicity, disadvantage, socio-economic status);
  • Identification of any underperforming subject areas;
  • Advice on matters that may inform school self-evaluation;
  • Advice on target setting;
  • Advice on improvement planning;
  • Reports for staff, governors and school improvement partners.

Pricing Structure:

These services vary from school to school according to need and size. Therefore, please contact ECARDA to discuss your requirements so that a price can be calculated for you. We do not charge for discussing and setting up contracts.

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