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1 Materials to support the management of people

a. Generic job descriptions for:

  • Teachers on the main scale
  • Teachers on the upper pay scale
  • Teachers with teaching and learning responsibility
  • Assistant headteachers/ principals
  • Deputy headteachers/ principals
  • Headteachers/principals

These job descriptions reflect the legal conditions of service for teachers as set out in the latest School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document.  In addition, these job descriptions incorporate appropriately any standards for teachers and headteachers.

b. Annual statement of pay and expectations - Simple reports, designed for each of the pay scales, bring together

  • Outcomes of previous appraisal
  • Award or not of increment
  • Notification of pay
  • Specific responsibilities and tasks for the next period
  • Agreed performance objectives
  • Coaching and mentoring arrangements

2 A comprehensive pupil tracker on which to log periodic pupil summative and synoptic assessments.

  • Creates automatically reports at pupil, pupil-group, year-group and whole-school level
  • Requires only one input of personal pupil information
  • Requires only termly (or half-termly) inputs of pupil attainment in relation to their age-related expectation
  • Latest reports always available for parents, governors or inspectors
  • Supports the evaluation of the school’s pupil premium strategy
  • Dropbox access for 24/7 support. (See the full details and guidance notes on this website)

3 Templates on which to log work scrutinies and lesson observations

  • Creates automatically reports that graphically show areas of strength and areas in need of development
  • Creates teacher-level reports to support evidence-based professional dialogue and development

4 Materials to support the evaluation of multi academy trusts

  • Considers the key domains of performance, governance and compliance
  • Identifies categories for the consideration of governance
  • “Borrows” and adapts tools from the NHS to support the evaluation of governance and leadership
  • Refers to sources to support the audit of compliance