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ECARDA is committed to building an organisation which makes full use of the talents, skills, experience and different cultural perspectives available in a multi ethnic society, and where people feel they are respected and valued, and can achieve their potential regardless of race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin.

ECARDA will follow the recommendations of the Commission for Racial Equality’s (CRE) code of practice in employment to achieve racial equality in all its employment procedures, policies and practice.

The aims of this policy are to ensure that:

  • No one receives less favourable treatment on grounds of race, colour, nationality, or ethnic or national origins, or is disadvantaged by any conditions, requirements, procedures or practices that cannot be justified on non-racial grounds, or victimised for taking action against racial discrimination or harassment, or instructed or put under pressure to discriminate unlawfully.
  • The organisation is free of conduct that violates the dignity of workers or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, offensive or humiliating working environment.
  • Opportunities for work or promotion are equally open to candidates from all racial groups.

This policy applies to all aspects of work, from recruitment and selection to termination of work.

We will take the following steps to put the policy into practice:

  • The policy will be a priority in the business plan.
  • The policy will be communicated to all directors and consultants, and will be placed on the company’s web-site.
  • All employees will be made aware of their rights and responsibilities under the policy, and in law; and of how the policy will impact on how they carry out their duties.
  • Complaints about racial discrimination or harassment in the course of work will be regarded seriously, and may result in disciplinary action and possible termination of contract.
  • All staff will be encouraged to develop their skills and qualifications, and to take advantage of development opportunities in the organisation.
  • Selection criteria will be exclusively related to the job or training opportunity.
  • Information on the ethnic and racial background of staff and applicants for work and training will be collected and analysed to monitor the workforce and each stage of the recruitment and selection process.
  • Requirements, conditions, provisions, criteria and practices will be reviewed regularly in light of the monitoring results, and revised if they are found to, or might, discriminate unlawfully on racial grounds.

All contracts for goods, facilities or services will include a clause prohibiting unlawful discrimination by contractors and their staff.  The clause will also recommend the CRE code of practice in employment as basic good practice.

Customers and clients will be made aware of the policy and of their right to fair and equal treatment irrespective of race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin.

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