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Publications Downloads

Fitting the Pieces Together (Oct 1991)

Download Fitting the Pieces Together

Building Numeracy (Sep 1998)

Download Building Numeracy

2020 Vision (May 2002)

Download 2020 Vision

Inspiration and Aspiration (Sep 2005)

Download Inspiration and Aspiration

Determining the Future - a visioning exercise (Jun 2005)

Download Determining the Future

MacroEdumetrics (Apr 2012)

Download Macroedumetics

Using Evidence to Manage Performance (Feb 2015)

Download Using Evidence to Manage Performance

Perspectives on Performance: Secondary (Feb 2016)

Download Perspectives on Performance: Secondary

Perspectives on Performance: Primary (Feb 2016)

Download Perspectives on Performance: Primary

Mathematics at Allerton (Jun 2016)

Download Maths at Allerton

A Curriculum for Learning v2 - alternative progression lines (Nov 2018)

Download A Curriculum for Learning

Comments on a Revised Mathematics National Curriculum (Feb 2012)

Download Comments on a Revised Maths NC for 2014

A National Education Service? (Oct 2017)

Download A National Education Service?

What the Evidence Suggests (Feb 2017)

Download What the Evidence Suggests