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Other Services

The details of your project would be discussed and a project price agreed.

  • Writing bids
  • Post-inspection action planning
  • Project management
  • Specialist curriculum development
  • Partnership building
  • Brokerage
  • Procurement and contract negotiations
  • Organisational re-engineering and remodelling
  • Risk analysis and control
  • Financial audit and fraud investigations
  • Complaints investigations and resolutions
  • Support for school website design
  • Support and resources for running elections in school
  • Independent lesson observation
  • Quality Audits e.g. EFQM
  • Race and disability audits
  • Equality audits
  • Interim support
  • Data Analysis
  • Support to achieve a national standard
  • Establishing companies and trusts

These are examples of services we provide through ECARDA. Please contact ECARDA to discuss these or other requirements.

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