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Client Feedback

Your insights into the governance of MATs have given us something to think hard about.


Your analyses of end-of-key-stage data are crucial in informing our appraisal of the headteacher within the first weeks of the autumn term

(Chair of Governors – primary academy)

Your early years and key stage 1 tracking templates are wonderful! They produce pictures of individual and group progress at the touch of a button. Parents love the individual progress stars.

(Infant lead teacher)

Your primary-phase tracking templates prove life after levels does not mean we cannot measure and prove progress. They are clear and very easy to use.

(Academy Principal)

Your updated pupil tracking templates provide me with all the reports I need for managing performance and reporting to governors.

(Academy Principal)

I really like your guide to evidence-based performance management. I will certainly be using it across our schools.

(Executive Headteacher)

Your clear GCSE and A-level subject analyses are always ready for our meetings with subject leaders at the start of the autumn term.

(Governors’ Clerk)

I can see clearly on the school report how my child is making progress through the year.

(Parent of child in a school using the ECARDA pupil tracking templates)

Your presentations at conferences always make us think.

(Conference feedback)

Your parent and pupil survey reports have provided us with some useful and authentic quotations to use in our academy’s publicity materials. We have used some of the quotations to set up a “you said”; “we did” display in the academy entrance to show how we respond to our parents’ and pupils’ views.

(Executive Principal: Primary Academy)