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In order to deliver the best services to clients ECARDA taps into pools of knowledge and expertise from other organisations. Shared values, proven track record, robust quality assurance and value for money are critical to the relationships that ECARDA forms with other organisations.  Over the past fifteen years ECARDA has been pleased to work with the following people and organisations:

Edge Hill University

on the development of professional standards for teachers of mathematics

National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM)

on a nationwide project to establish the ingredients of successful learning and teaching of mathematics

Signhills Academy

on the development of learning progress pathways

Wilkin Chapman LLP

for legal advice on academy conversions and trust formation, and human resources advice and services to the education sector

Forrester Boyd

for financial services to the education sector, and payroll services

Accountancy Solutions

for financial services to the education sector

Edge Interactive Ltd

for website and graphic design

Other topics