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Welcome to ECARDA - improving outcomes of young people

ECARDA is an association of independent consultants who subscribe to the highest of professional standards and provide services to the education sector.

ECARDA Ltd was established in 2005 and brings together a small number of specialist consultants who see value in pooling their expertise to offer a more comprehensive service to the education and wider public sector. Consultants who work with ECARDA are long established in education and public service.  They are noted for their qualifications, experience and successful track record in service delivery. ECARDA has a wide ranging portfolio of clients that include children’s centres, early years’ settings, schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, academy sponsors, academy trusts and national agencies.

Your early years and key stage 1 tracking templates are wonderful! They produce pictures of individual and group progress at the touch of a button. Parents love the individual progress stars.

(Infant lead teacher)

Your insights into the governance of MATs have given us something to think hard about.


Your analyses of data linking directly to the SEF and through to the improvement plan were significant management tools which we used to prove ourselves as an outstanding school.


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September 11, 2019

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March 12, 2019

National Education Service - Governance of MATs - Presentation

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